Every business needs a commercial to help sell people on their business, brand or service. Allow the public to get familiar with you and make some sales as a result!


Infomercial’s are the same as commercials but they are more to explain things like tutorials.


Want to interview your staff, or talent for more content or videos? BTS is here to help bring that content to life.

Music Video's

Behind the Scenes will write, cast, produce, film and perform post on a music video for your music.

Virtual Tours

Trying to really sell the idea of your property, B+B or Airbnb? Well a walking virtual tour will definitely do the trick.

Wedding Video's

The ceremony, the speeches, you want it all! Now you can. Recorded and edited perfectly to make it easy for you to go back to.


A process so simple, you’ll want to do it again and again.


Have questions? Great! Ask away and answers you shall find.


Book and pay the 50% deposit through the online booking page.


Behind the Scenes will curate the process of casting the film and planning the shoot as well as sourcing all equipment and necessary elements. 


Well it’s time for the function, camera out, batteries full, memory cards about to be. Let’s capture some memories.


Editing, Editing and you guessed it more editing. While you rest, the work doesn’t ever stop.


Not happy? Let’s change that. How can we make it better? The goal is to make you happy so communicate with us and let’s make it all a reality.

Questions Asked and Answered

Book an appointment now to discuss possible artistic directions to take the project into. We will work with you to schedule the dates, come to a definitive conclusion on what you want and how we will achieve it.